George Lucas Educational Foundation
  • Technology Integration


    In schools, should we be empowering students to use their favorite digital tools to produce and engage with content? Research shows it can deliver surprising academic benefits.
    Paige Tutt
  • Mental Health

    The Doctor Is In (Your Classroom)

    As student mental health issues reach crisis proportions, schools and teachers are playing a larger role than ever providing support. Is it too big an ask?
  • Communication Skills

    Using Tech to Encourage Peer Feedback During Presentations

    To make middle and high school presentations more engaging, teachers can use a simple tool to have students share meaningful feedback.
  • Student Engagement

    A Warm-Up Problem Alternative

    Starting math class with a warm-up problem is common. Here’s how one teacher starts with a little chat instead, before moving on to the math.
  • Literacy

    Simple Ways to Promote Exploration in Middle School

    English language arts teachers can foster moments of joy in the classroom to boost students’ engagement and learning.
  • Blended Learning

    Co-teaching With Myself

    Creating his own instructional videos allowed one teacher to be in two places at once in his classroom.
  • Formative Assessment

    Small Wins Can Add Up to Big Results in Middle School

    Teachers can help prepare students for success by setting them up for small wins that build anticipation of future achievement.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Using Hands-On History Projects to Bring Unheard Voices to Life

    Creating with ancient tools gives students a greater appreciation for the people who used this technology in the past.
  • Administration & Leadership

    A 3-Step Process for Evaluating Costly Investments

    The pandemic led schools to buy technology and other resources to support students. Do those solutions still fit your school’s needs?
  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    4 Elementary School Strategies That Work in High School

    Teachers can cultivate a positive learning environment by adapting pedagogical strategies that are familiar to students.

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George Lucas Educational Foundation

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