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Communication Skills

Prepare students for academic and life success by helping them develop their listening, speaking, writing, and digital media skills.

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  • Teaching Debate Across the Curriculum

    Debating helps students strengthen their communication and objective thinking skills, and practice patience and tolerance.
    Michelle Blanchet
  • 5 Strategies to Improve Students’ Listening Skills

    Middle and high school students not listening is a common complaint, but listening is a skill like any other—it can be improved with practice.
  • Tips for Using Hand Gestures to Support Learning

    Understanding how gesturing aids communication gives teachers another tool to ensure that learning really sticks in students’ minds.
  • Having Students Learn by Teaching

    When high school students present a lesson, they actively engage in learning and grow their research, organizational, and speaking skills.
  • Teacher works with young children to take apart a computer.

    How Learning Happens

    In this video series, we explore how educators can guide all students, regardless of their developmental starting points, to become productive and engaged learners.
  • Using Hand Signals for More Equitable Discussions

    Whether your class discussions are online or off, hand signals enable students to engage in multiple ways.
  • What to Say Instead of ‘I’m Proud of You’

    A few phrases middle and high school teachers can use to cultivate conversation while celebrating student achievements.
  • Documentation Panels Are a Novel Way for Students to Demonstrate Their Learning

    This innovative assessment tool has students engage in metacognitive reflection by assembling and presenting evidence of their learning.
  • After Social Isolation, Preparing Our Youngest Students to Thrive

    How early-grade teachers tackled a chaotic year and helped the youngest learners acclimate to life in (actual) school. It’s work that's likely to continue this school year.
  • Teaching Adolescents About Tone of Voice

    Explicit instruction can counter misconceptions that middle school students often have about what’s being conveyed through speech.
  • Metacognitive Talk Guides Students to Discuss Their Thought Processes

    Students don’t always speak up in class unless they know the right answer. This strategy encourages them to talk as a way to create knowledge.
  • Teaching Students How to Have an Academic Discussion

    This teacher-created scaffolding tool can elevate classroom dialogue, empowering students to express themselves while learning from the ideas of others.
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Students to Work in Groups

    A strategy for giving students explicit feedback on group interactions promotes participation and collaboration.
  • The Power of Short Writing Assignments

    Brief writing prompts and responses help students in any discipline.
  • The Secret to Great Middle School Presentations

    This teacher often hears “We get to present today, right?” Here’s how she has made presentations the cornerstone of her ELA classroom.

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