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Learn about how teachers can effectively support other teachers in professional development, sharing best practices, and improving instruction.

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  • A Guide to Planning Career Paths for Teachers

    Acquiring new skills and knowledge can support you in your current role and aid you in the event that you change roles or leave education.
    Victoria Thompson
  • How Instructional Coaches Can Use Co-Teaching to Support Teachers

    A matrix based on a teacher’s belief in themselves and their belief in students can facilitate effective instructional coaching.
  • Using Video as a Coaching Tool With First-Year Teachers

    Instructional coaches can use video to help new teachers learn through self-reflection and collaboration with more experienced colleagues.
  • How Instructional Specialists Can Build Positive Relationships With Teachers

    Intentional collaboration helps instructional specialists partner with teachers and administrators to focus on student learning.
  • A group of teachers enjoying coffee together

    Building a Positive Staff Culture Takes Work

    If schools want a strong collegial atmosphere, they need to foster it intentionally—both across the school and on smaller scales.
  • 9 Questions You’ll Be Asked at an Instructional Coach Interview

    Making the transition to a new role can be stressful, but you can prepare for the interview to demonstrate that you’re the best candidate for the job.
  • Using Video for Professional Development

    When teachers film themselves in the classroom, it helps them reflect on and improve their teaching practice.
  • Praise Can Be a Powerful Tool for Instructional Coaches

    Instructional coaches can facilitate effective instruction by giving teachers specific, actionable praise.
  • How to Get a Teaching Job in 2021

    We surveyed administrators, instructional coaches, and career counselors around the country for their insights on applying for teaching jobs this year.
  • A Strategy for Boosting Student Engagement in Math

    A four-step approach to group work can get students talking and boost their mathematical and metacognitive thinking.
  • How Mentoring Can Be a 2-Way Partnership

    Interdependent mentoring offers a richer experience for both novice and veteran educators, and can help ensure that new teachers gain the skills and confidence they need to grow as teachers.
  • A 5 Step Coaching Model for Instructional Innovation

    Changing your staff’s instructional practices is never easy, but gathering teacher input and buy-in can make for a smoother transition.
  • There’s More to Math Feedback Than ‘Correct’ and ‘Incorrect’

    Teachers can help students master grade-level content by giving feedback that supports independent learning and progress.
  • Adapting an Effective Math Collaboration Activity for Distance Learning

    An instructional coach and math teacher who developed a powerful model for student collaboration have tweaked it for the pandemic.
  • How to Use the 5Es in Remote Math Instruction

    A five-stage instructional model—engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate—can guide students to a deeper understanding of math.

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